U.S. Citizenship

Waiver of the English Test

If you have applied for US citizenship through the naturalization process, you will have to start preparing for the US citizenship test as soon as you file your petition. That is because, the US citizenship test, is one of the most important steps in the naturalization process and people who do not get through the …

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USCIS Citizenship

You can obtain US citizenship by birth, by parentage or through the legal process called naturalization. People born within America, are US citizens. US citizenship will be automatically conferred upon people who are born on US soil. This also applies to the children born to immigrants, on American soil and to the people born in …

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American Citizen Application

Foreign nationals can become US citizens and the process that helps foreign nationals to become citizens of the United States is known as naturalization. Form N-400, is the American citizen application and immigrants who seek to apply for US citizenship must file this form with the USCIS. Applications for US citizenship filed by the immigrants …

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