U.S. Immigration

Temporary and Permanent Employment in the United States

As the United States is considered to be a land of immigrants, it welcomes thousands of foreign nationals to work in various employment categories in America, every year. The different employment categories include investors, research workers, religious workers, artists, experts in information technology, athletes, scientists, nurses, cultivation workers, etc. The USCIS offers various categories of …

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Women and US Immigration

In the year 2010, women comprised of 55 percent of all people getting a green card. Out of this 55 percent, 60 percent were married, while the remaining were single, widowed, or divorced. Of the refugees, women were 47 percent and comprised of 53 percent of people who were naturalized. During the 1960s, immigrant men …

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Public Charge in US Immigration

Per the USCIS’s Field Guidance manual, “Public charge” means a foreign national who (for deportation purposes) has become or is likely to become “primarily dependent on the government for subsistence, as demonstrated by either the receipt of public cash assistance for income maintenance, or institutionalization for long-term care at government expense.” Many foreign nationals who …

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Immigration Amnesty

Immigration amnesty simply means the process of granting legal immigration status to persons who are in the United States illegally. Persons who entered the US illegally or persons whose immigration status has expired may qualify for immigration amnesty. Immigration amnesty is mostly granted to specific groups of people and granted only to those persons who …

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Benefits of Citizenship and Immigration Services

USCIS United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is a bureau within the Department of Homeland Security and the official arm of the government charged with monitoring all matters related to citizenship and immigration services. It offers citizenship and immigration services to thousands of people every year, assisting individuals entering the United States whether they …

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