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Customs and Immigration Inspection at the US Port of Entry

People who travel to the United States, will be allowed to enter into the country only after they undergo the required immigration inspection. This inspection will be conducted by the US Customs and Border Protection officials. The CBP officials will review your immigration papers, travel documents and ask you few questions. If the CPB officials feel that you are eligible to enter into the United States, they will grant you entry and this inspection process may not take much of you time. A secondary inspection may be conducted if the CBP officials have questions or doubts. However, a foreign national will be granted permission to enter into the United States, only if he is admissible into the country.

Immigration inspection process may not be the same for the US citizens, permanent residents and other travelers. After the immigration inspection is over, you will be allowed to collect your baggage and your baggage may be checked by the officials to ensure that you are not carrying any restricted items. If you are a temporary visitor, the CBP offices will ask you few questions about the purpose of your trip. However, you may not be granted entry, if the officers are not satisfied with your statements and in such cases, you may be required to go for a secondary inspection, which may be lengthy.

The airport immigration officers will check your travel documents and your passport and you must see to that you have your travel documents handy. If you are a US citizen, you need to present your US passport and if you are a Green Card holder, you will have to present your Green Card and your passport. Similarly, if you are a temporary visitor, you must present your non-immigrant visa. You need to complete Form I-94, Arrival and Departure Record, before landing and before meeting the immigration officer. This form will be stamped by the CBP officials and this form must be returned while you leave the country.

At times, you may be required to submit fingerprints and you may be photographed. Your Form I-94 will be stamped only after you pass the immigration inspection and you will be granted entry after your Form I-94 is stamped. You need to check the form for errors as you may not be able to correct the errors after leaving the airport. After getting your arrival/departure record stamped, you will be allowed to collect your luggage and your luggage will be checked and you may be required to pay fines or duty, if your luggage contains restricted items. However, all the passengers may not be required to complete Form I-94.

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