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General Information About the USCIS Immigration Forms

USCIS forms may be downloaded and filed and you can also file the forms electronically. But there are few forms that must be completed and mailed to a USCIS lockbox facility and are not available for filing online. Almost all the immigration forms are self-explanatory and you may complete the forms by following the form instructions.

Filing Fee and Filing Location
You will have to file most of the USCIS forms with the required filing fees. But there are certain forms that do not require filing fees. If your form requires a filing fee, you will have to file your form with the exact filing fees and your form may not be accepted if the application does not accompany the correct filing fee. Your form will contain detailed instructions about the filing fee and the form filing location. You need to go through the form instructions carefully to know about the mailing address and the filing fees.

Similarly, you need to follow the form instructions while completing the application in order to avoid errors. Make sure that you mail the completed form along with the filing fees, to the right address. Immigration and naturalization forms have specific instructions about where the form must be filed. The processing of your petition may be delayed if you fail to mail the form to the correct USCIS office. USCIS will send you an application receipt notice after receiving your application. You will also receive notification about your biometrics appointment.

Fee Waivers
However, USCIS grants fee waivers in certain circumstances. If you cannot afford to pay the required filing fee and if you believe that you are eligible for a fee waiver, you may request a fee waiver. You will have to use Form I-912, Request for Fee Waiver, to request a fee waiver. USCIS will then review your request and grant you a waiver, if you are found to be eligible.

Likewise, many immigration forms require photographs. You need to submit the required photographs according to the specifications, along with your application. You can find the specifications in the form instructions.

Fillable Forms and E-filing
There are a few fillable forms, that allow the customers to fill the form on a computer and print them. You can then sign the form and mail it to a USCIS lockbox. You may also file few forms online and if you choose to file an online USCIS form for a particular immigration benefit, you will have to fill the form according to the instructions. But before you file the online form, you must make sure that you are eligible to file the form online. You may pay the form filing fee online, while you file an immigration form online. You will immediately receive a confirmation notice from the USCIS as soon as you file your application online. But remember that not all the forms are available for e-filing.

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