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Guides to Filing the I-130 Immigration Petition

US citizens and Green Card holders can both sponsor their family members for lawful status in America and the US citizens can sponsor their parents, spouses, children and their siblings but the Green Card holders can only sponsor their immediate relatives for lawful status in America. US citizens and Green Card holders who wish to help their family members to immigrate to America must file Form I-130 for the relatives who they wish to sponsor.

You may complete the immigration petition, Form I-130, Petition for Alien Relative, online. You must download the petition, complete it and then file it on behalf of the relative who you wish to sponsor. You should complete all the fields of the form and make sure that you do not file an incomplete petition. Moreover, you need to remember that all the supporting documents must be in English and you need to submit the supporting documents with translations, if the documents are not in English. Likewise, the correct filing fee of $420, must be paid.

Your petition must not be incomplete and enter your name and other information about yourself in Part A and the name of your home country in Part B. Name, address and few other details about the beneficiary must be entered in Part C. You must not skip any part of the petition and your application must contain all the required information. You need to carefully assemble your application package and make sure that you have answered all the questions and that you have affixed your signature. Similarly, check the supporting documents and see to that your application package contains the required form filing fee. Moreover, it is recommended to retain copies of forms that you file with the USCIS.

Your application package must contain all the required supporting documents and if you are filing this form for your spouse, you will have to attach with your immigration petition, copies of your marriage certificate, your birth or naturalization certificates, birth certificates of children with your name and the name of your spouse and other relevant documentation to prove that you are still married to your spouse and that your marriage is not a marriage of convenience. Likewise, you need to attach copies of your birth or naturalization certificates and birth certificate of your child, with your name, to Form I-130, if you wish to sponsor your child. If you wish to bring your parent to America, you will have to file Form I-130, along with copies of few documents such as your birth certificate, naturalization certificate or your US passport and your birth certificate with the name of your parent, who you wish to sponsor.

You need to mail the completed form to the Chicago or Phoenix Lockbox facility and you may check the form instructions page for information on filing addresses. US citizens who are abroad may mail their petitions to the Chicago Lockbox facility and if they are in countries with USCIS offices, they may file their petitions with the offices in those foreign countries.

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