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How Can I Get a Certificate of Citizenship?

Purpose of a US Citizen CertificatePeople born within the borders of America are US citizens by birth. Similarly, children born to American citizens in a foreign country will become American citizens by the operation of law. However, to become a citizen by the operation of law, both your parents or at least one of them must have been a US citizen at the time of your birth. Similarly, you will become eligible for US citizenship, if you were adopted by US citizens. In such cases, if you are already a US citizen and to prove that you are a US citizen, you will have to hold a US citizenship certificate. And to get a US citizenship certificate, you may file Form N-600, Application for Certificate of Citizenship.

Who can get a Citizenship Certificate?

People who acquire or derive citizenship may apply for US citizenship certificates. If you had acquired citizenship from your parents or if you had derived citizenship later on, you may apply for and get a certificate of US citizenship, by filing Form N-600.

Similarly, if your parents were US citizens at the time of your birth and if you were born in a foreign country, you will automatically become a US citizen, if your parents had lived within the United States prior to your birth. If your US citizen parents were physically present in the United States for at least 5 years, ahead of your birth in a foreign country, you will automatically become a US citizen.

If you were born abroad to US citizen parents or if you were adopted by US citizens, you will become eligible for US citizenship if

  • at least one of your parents is a native or a naturalized US citizen.
  • you were permitted to remain in America as a lawful permanent resident.
  • you live with your US citizen parent legally in America.
  • you are a US citizen’s child or if you were legitimated ahead of your 16th birthday.
  • your mother obtained US citizenship and if you are not a legitimate child.

If you meet one of the above mentioned conditions and if you were below age 18 on 27th February, 2001, you are eligible to apply for a certificate of citizenship. Similarly, you may file Form N-600, for a citizenship certificate, if you were physically present in the United States after you entered into the country as a lawful permanent resident or if your parents obtained their naturalization certificates, before you turned 18 and before 27th February, 2001.

Remember that you will be granted a certificate of citizenship only if you are eligible and it also depends on the laws that were in effect while you were born. The details provided in this article applies only to the people who were born on or after 14th November, 1986.

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