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How Can I Prepare for the US Citizenship Test?

There are few different steps in the process of becoming a naturalized US citizen and one of the most important steps is the US citizenship test. All the applicants who apply for US citizenship must get through the US citizenship test in order to take the Oath of Allegiance and to become US citizens. To take the US citizenship test, you must be proficient in English and you must have proper knowledge of the history and laws of the United States. You will have ample time to prepare for the test as you will not be called for an interview as soon as you file Form N-400. During that time you can prepare for the test and you can make use of the study materials offered by the USCIS to prepare for the naturalization test. Similarly, “Pass the US Citizenship Test & Interview” DVD will also help you to prepare for these tests. These resources contain useful information about the history and the government of the country.

During the interview, an immigration officer will ask questions about your citizenship application and your ability to speak and understand English will tested during that interview. However, you will have to write and read sentences in English, to prove that you are good in writing and reading. USCIS offers several study tools that will help you to prepare for the English test. You can check out the “Reading and Writing Vocabulary Flash Cards” and that will help you to prepare for the writing and reading components of the English test. You can also watch the short videos “Becoming a U.S. Citizen: An Overview of the Naturalization Process” and “The USCIS Naturalization Interview and Test” and these videos will hep you to understand the overall naturalization process.

The other component of the US citizenship test is the civics test. You will be asked around 10 questions and to pass the test, you will have to answer six questions correctly. You can use the USCIS study materials to prepare for this test and you can prepare for the civics test by yourself by making use of the flash cards and the list of commonly asked civics questions. However, you need to take time to prepare for these tests. See to that you retain a copy of Form N-400, that you had filed and that is because, most of the questions asked during the naturalization interview will be about your naturalization application. Being well prepared will help you to get through these tests easily and to become a US citizen.

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