How to Apply for American Citizenship Online?

Apply for American Citizenship OnlineThe U.S. citizenship application, Form N-400 must be filed in order to obtain U.S. citizenship. This form must be filed with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). USCIS will only accept the forms that are complete and error-free. A variety of supporting documents, photos and the required form filing fee must accompany the US citizenship application.

It is mandatory to ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements prior to applying for U.S. citizenship. The process of applying for citizenship is quite complicated. Likewise, the U.S. citizenship application is quite lengthy and it may not be that easy to complete the application. Even simple errors can lead to the denial of your application and so you need to carefully complete the application. You can complete the form on your computer and apply for American citizenship online or you can file the paper Form N-400. Filing the form online would be easier as the step-by-step instructions will help you to avoid most of the common errors and to successfully complete your application for U.S. citizenship.

The U.S. permits immigrants to obtain citizenship and settle permanently in the country. But not all the immigrants can apply for U.S. citizenship and only the eligible Green Card holders can file applications for American citizenship. Many believe that they can apply for U.S. citizenship as soon as they get their Green Cards but they fail to understand the fact that Green Card is not U.S. citizenship and that they need to meet few other requirements to apply for citizenship. To file Form N-400, you must be a Green Card holder above age 18. You need to meet few other residency requirements and must have maintained good moral character.

You can easily complete your U.S. citizenship application on your computer. If you wish to file the paper form, you will have to download the form and then complete it by hand. Form N-400 comes with an online form guide that will provide you with all the needed information about the form filing process. Moreover, you will receive step by step instructions and you may not be able to skip any important step. You will be able to complete the next part of the form only after completing the current part. To complete Form N-400 online, you need to go to the e-filing page, click “Start My Application Online” and create an account. After you create a user account, you will be able to complete the form. Step-by-step guidance will lead you through all the questions of Form N-400 and you can also get detailed form filing instructions. Likewise, you can take the free eligibility quiz prior to completing your application to make sure that you are eligible for citizenship.

You can complete your form online if you have a computer at home. The naturalization application includes several questions and the applicants are likely to miss important steps while completing the form by hand. But this may not happen if you complete your form online. You will be instructed at each step and the online process will help you submit an error-free US citizenship application.

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