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How to Complete Form I-134?

The USCIS Form I-134 is the Affidavit of Support form that must be filed by a person who seeks to sponsor his family member for a visitor visa. This form must be signed by the sponsor to establish that the visitor who he is sponsoring will not become a public charge. The sponsor must file separate affidavits for each visitor he sponsors.

This form can be completed online, or the paper form also can be filed. The following instructions will help you to easily complete the USCIS Form I-134, Affidavit of Support.

This form includes 11 questions and you need to complete all the questions and provide the appropriate information. You must start completing the form by entering your name and address in the United States.

Question 1

You, being the sponsor, must enter your date of birth and the name of the city in which you were born.

Under this first question, there are 5 options and you will have to enter the answer beside the option that applies to you. For example, if you are a naturalized US citizen, you will have to enter the Certificate of Naturalization number, beside the first option. If you are a Green Card holder, you need to provide your Alien Registration Number beside option “d”. If you are a non-immigrant who holds H, L or some other visa, you need to leave out options a to d and you need to enter your Form I-94 number beside option “e”

Question 2

You must enter your age here and the date since when you are residing in the United States. For example, if you have completed 35 years of age, you need to enter “35”.

Question 3

You need to provide information about the person on whose behalf you are filing this form. The name of the beneficiary, his/her age, marital status, country of his/her citizenship and current address must be provided.

Under “Relationship to Sponsor”, you need to enter your relationship with the beneficiary, such as father, mother, sister, mother-in-law, etc, that which is appropriate. Followed by that, the names of the eligible dependents who will be accompanying the beneficiary must be listed.

Questions 4, 5 & 6

You need to carefully read these three questions. These questions describe the responsibility you are taking by sponsoring your relative for a visa and by signing Form I-134.

Question 7

This is where you need to enter the place of your employment. You need to state the type of business and enter the name and address of the concern for which you are working.

Next, information about your assets and income must be provided. This information is to show that you have enough funds to sponsor a temporary visitor.

Question 8

Here, you need to provide information about your dependents. You must list the names of children and adults for whom you are the legal guardian. You need to state the relationship between you and the dependent who you have listed and his/her age. Names of all the family members who are dependent upon you must be listed. If you list the names of your spouse or child and if they are not working, you need to check “Wholly Dependent”. If they work, you must check “Partially Dependent”.

Question 9

In case you have sponsored a family member in the past and if you have signed Form I-134, you need to enter the name of the relative who you have sponsored. This information will help the US Embassy or Consulate to make sure that you are capable of financially sponsoring the non US citizens you have sponsored. If it is not applicable, you may write “none”.

Question 10

This question is meant for the US citizens and permanent residents who have filed Form I-130 to sponsor their family members for US Green Cards. Non-immigrant visa holders for whom this question is not applicable may write “none”, in the space that has been provided.

Question 11

This is the last question and you need to check the box beside “intend”. You then need to provide information about the type of support you will provide the non-immigrant you are sponsoring. For example, if you are inviting your mother-in-law to visit you, you need to write, “I will provide money for her expenses and for food during the visit and I will take care of all the other expenses including lodging and travel”.

After completing the form, you need to affix your signature and enter the date. See to it that you go through the form once after completing it, to make sure that you have provided the right information.

This form must accompany some supporting documents. You will have to submit copies of your tax forms or your IRS tax transcript, a letter from your employer and from the bank. Your employer letter must include your annual salary. To confirm your bank account, you need to provide a letter from the bank. You also need to provide recent bank statements.

You need to remember that if the form that you file is not signed, it will not be processed by the USCIS. Likewise, incomplete forms will not be considered. To avoid the rejection of your form, you need to check your form for accuracy and completeness prior to filing it with the USCIS.


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