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How to File for TPS?

To apply for Temporary Protected Status, TPS, you will have to file Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status and an application for a work permit, Form I-765, Application For Employment Authorization, also must be filed along with your application for TPS. Form I-765, to obtain an employment authorization document must be filed, even if you do no want to work in America. United States grants TPS to the nationals of foreign countries who cannot return to their home countries safely due to reasons such as civil wars and environmental disasters. United States grants TPS to the nationals of such foreign countries and permits them to stay in America until the crisis is gone and such individuals may not be deported from the United States. As the TPS beneficiaries are also being granted work permits, they can work in America and they can travel abroad and re-enter the country. However, foreign nationals who enter into the United States after the crisis may not be granted TPS.

United States will designate certain countries for TPS and you can apply for TPS only if you are a citizen of one such designated country. Likewise, the country will announce registration and re-registration periods and you will have to file for TPS during that particular period and applications submitted after that period may not be accepted. To qualify, you will have to prove that you have been living in the United States right from the time your country of citizenship was designated for TPS

If you are applying for TPS for the first time, you will have to file the USCIS Form I-821, along with the required form filing fee, $50 and the biometrics fee, $85 and applicants above age 14 alone will be required to pay the biometrics fee. Along with this form, you must submit few supporting documents and evidence of nationality. To get an employment authorization document, you must file Form I-765, with the required fee and if you already hold a work permit, you need not pay the form filing fee but you must submit Form I-765 along with Form I-821. Likewise, you will be called for biometrics after you file your petition and this applies only to the applicants above age 14.

If your application for TPS is approved and if you are granted TPS, you will have to apply for re-registration every time your TPS benefits are extended by the USCIS. The same form must be filed in order to re-register and to apply for re-registration, you need to file a completed Form I-821 along with an application for an employment authorization document. You may not be required to pay the form filing fee while applying of re-registration but you will have to file Form I-765 along with the required form filing fee. If you fail to re-register for TPS, you may not be granted TPS benefits. You can complete this form online and you need to go through the form instructions page for information on biometrics service procedures and on fee waiver request procedures.

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