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How to Get Through the US Immigration Interview?

Millions of foreign nationals become lawful permanent residents and citizens of the United States, every year. However, foreign nationals cannot become US citizens or permanent residents, only by filing few forms. They need to appear for in-person interviews and submit various supporting documents, and the immigration interview is considered to be the most critical part. People who look forward to get immigrant visas and people who seek to become citizens of America, need to report for interviews. For many, interviews are stressful. However, you can easily get through your immigration interview, if you prepare yourself prior to your interview.

Things to do Before the Interview

You need to carefully prepare your paperwork, as the first thing that you need to do to obtain US citizenship, is filing Form N-400 and getting it approved. Your US citizenship application, is more important as you will be called for a personal interview only after your Form N-400, is approved by the USCIS. See to that you do not submit an incomplete form and make sure that the information that you provide is accurate. Remember that your application will be accepted only if it accompanies the required fees and supporting documentation.

You may be required to undergo a medical examination and you need to retain the medical records as you must present your original medical records, while you appear for an interview. You may not be stressed if you are well-prepared. You will have to organize your paperwork and this will help the immigration officer to verify your original documents easily. If you had filed an application for a family based Green Card, you need to be aware of the applications and documents, submitted by you and your sponsor. If you had filed a naturalization application, you need to remember what you had entered in your application and this will help you to get through your interview.

During the Immigration Interview

It is good to be present at the interview venue at least 30 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. You need to be polite and honest, and you must never try to conceal important information. If you are applying for a family based Green Card, you need to be aware of the permanent resident visa and you need to know well about US citizenship, if you are applying for US citizenship. If you are sponsoring your wife for a US Green Card, you and your wife will both be interviewed together and the USCIS officer might ask questions related to your relationship, in order to make sure that your marriage is genuine.

If you are appearing for the naturalization interview, you will have to take the naturalization test, which is a part of the naturalization interview and you need to prepare yourself for the test as you may not be granted US citizenship, if you do not get through the naturalization test. You just need to be calm and confident to successfully get through your immigration interview.

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