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I Would Like to Immigrate to US, What are My Options

America allows immigrants to get into the country and settle there, through a variety of legal channels. The country is considered to be a land of opportunities and many dream to settle in America as America is the country of their dreams. Foreign nationals can become lawful residents and citizens of the United States but they will have to file few forms and report for interviews and so it is mandatory to understand the US immigration process as this process is quite lengthy and tiresome. However, this could be the reason why many skip the legal infuriating and lengthy process and choose to get into the country illegally though the illegal process makes them criminals.

Options that come to the minds of people who seek to immigrate to the United Sates are family based immigration and employment based immigration. Similarly, Green Card lottery is another option that could be considered as this lottery program does not require the winners of the lottery program to be sponsored by their relatives or employers in the United States and it allows people who do not have sponsors to immigrate to the United States provided that they are admissible into the country and they win the lottery program. But this Green Card lottery program is not open to citizens of all the foreign countries and nationals of few countries are ineligible to participate in this program.

Hence, you have a number of options and you may select the one that suits you. If you have a family member in the United States who is a US citizen and if that relative is willing to sponsor you and file Form I-130 for you and if he is also capable of sponsoring you financially, you may choose to immigrate to the United States through family based immigration and this is the easiest way to get into the United States. Hence, you can easily get a Green Card, if your immediate relative files Form I-130 on your behalf as immediate relatives will not be put on waiting lists and their petitions will be processed sooner. But this may not be possible if you are not an immediate relative or a relative who does not belong to the family preference categories.

If you do not have a relative in the United States, you can still immigrate to America if you find a good job in the United States and based on that employment offer, you can get into the United States. In this case, a US employer must offer you a full time job, pay the legal fees and sponsor you for a United States Green Card. You can then get an immigrant visa and immigrate to the United States after the immigrant petition, Form I-140 filed by your employer is approved by the USCIS. But remember that, you will not get an immigrant visa as soon as you file your petition and you will have to wait for years to get into the United States and that is because of the limit in the number of visas that the USCIS issues to foreign nationals, every year.

United States welcomes foreign nationals who invest in American companies and investors who are capable of investing half a million dollars and creating new jobs in America, will become eligible for EB-5 Green Cards. If you are capable of investing, you may apply for an EB-5 visa. If your petition is approved, you will be permitted to remain in America for two years as a conditional permanent resident and at the end of the two year conditional period, you can apply for a ten year Green Card and become a permanent resident.

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