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London Olympics 2012 – Instructions to US Travelers

The summer Olympics 2012 in London will begin on July 27 and end on August 12, 2012. Similarly, Paralympic games will commence on August 29 and will end on September 9, 2012. To make the Olympics experience enjoyable, the US government requires its people to be alert and avoid various scams concerning the summer Olympics 2012.

People who travel to the United Kingdom on US passports or other non-European Union passports, will be required to fill a United Kingdom Border Agency landing card. You can obtain this card from your train or airline before you reach or at the port of entry. You and your children must complete separate landing cards. On the landing card, you must provide all the details about yourself, along with your address in the United Kingdom and must sign the card. The UK Border Agency immigration officer will verify your landing card and your US passport to make sure that you are admissible into the United Kingdom. More questions about your travel documents may be asked before allowing you to enter the United Kingdom. Make sure that you have all the identity documents and travel documents.

Moreover, visitors in the United Kingdom may be required to provide a photo identity, by the police authorities while making financial transactions or while flying domestically, though a visitor is generally not expected to provide identity documents in the United Kingdom. Young people may be required to provide identity documents, as a proof of age. A US passport is a commonly accepted photo identity document. As it is a valuable document, you must keep it safe.

Other photo identity documents such as a US driver’s license or an international driver’s license are also accepted by the United Kingdom. An American with a pre-existing medical problem must carry with him a letter from a physician about his health condition and the prescribed medication. The US government also recommends such Americans to check with the British Embassy in Washington DC regarding medical problems and about carrying medicines.

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