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Marriage Based Immigration and the Green Card Interview

Get My Wife a Green CardPeople who wish to immigrate to the United States, have few options to immigrate to the country and marriage-based immigration is common. That is because the spouses of US citizens are considered immediate relatives and they are immediately issued immigrant visas, with which they can immigrate to America. They can become lawful permanent residents of the United States, within a short period. Spouses of US citizens and Green Card holders, can easily obtain Green Cards, through immigration based on family relationship.

But this process is not easy as we think and the foreign national spouse will have to undergo immigration inspection and will have to appear for interviews, to get an immigrant visa. The couple must prove to the US immigration officers that their marriage is genuine and that their marriage has nothing to do with immigration. However, there are many reasons why people get married and many get married for security and some get married for companionship. But there are certain cases where people get married for love. Though there are different reasons to get married, the couple must prove that their marriage is not a business transaction.

To start the Green Card process, the couple must file a petition along with relevant supporting documents. Photographs of the couple together with the family members may also be provided to establish that the relationship is genuine. Similarly, knowing about each other is more important because the couple may be separated and questioned at the interview, in certain circumstances. Hence they need to be well prepared. Generally the USCIS officers require the couple to appear for an immigration interview together. But at times, the couple may be separated and asked the same questions.

Finally the USCIS officer will compare the answers and come to a decision. The couple will be at risk, if the answers are not similar. In such cases, the US immigration officer will declare that the marriage is fake and will consider that you had entered into marriage only to help your foreign national spouse to immigrate to the United States. Being a US citizen, if you involve in marriage fraud, you will be penalized or criminally prosecuted. Similarly, your spouse will be barred from entering into the country, for a certain period.

But if your marriage is genuine and if the determination of the immigration officer is incorrect, you may appeal against that decision. You may provide additional supporting documents and evidence, to demonstrate that you had not involved in marriage fraud and that your marital relationship is genuine. If the determination of the immigration officers, is overturned, you may not be prosecuted and your spouse will be granted entry into the United States. However, it is wise to avoid such problems and you just need to be well-prepared and you need to collect all the required documentation to prove that your marriage is authentic and to prove that you are not violating the US immigration laws. You may successfully immigrate to America and obtain a Green Card, if you get through the dreaded marriage Green Card interview.

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