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Senate Immigration Bill to Mandate E-Verify

The Senate immigration reform bill includes provisions for E-verify and E-verify is a system of the USCIS that electronically verifies whether an individual is authorized to work in America. The Senate immigration reform bill will require all the US employers to use E-Verify and check whether the hired employees are authorized to work in America. As a part of the E-verify program, foreign workers will be required to obtain biometric work authorization cards and this system will make it difficult for the undocumented immigrants to accept employment in America. This bill will require non US citizens to provide their “biometric Green Cards” or their “biometric work authorization cards”, while applying for jobs.

Likewise, the photographs of the employees will be stored in the E-verify system and the non US citizens will be permitted to work in America only if the pictures on their cards match the photographs that the employers have on the E-verify system. Moreover, the respective US employers must also certify that the photographs submitted by the employees in person match the photos in the system. The photographs on the passports of the US citizens must match the photos on the E-verify system and only after checking this, the US employers will hire US citizens. If the American states agree to submit photographs to E-verify, the photos in the driver’s licenses of US citizens will be checked. Additional security measures will be developed by the Secretary for the individuals who do not have photo identification documents.

A system to lock the Social Security numbers of the employees will be developed and this will prevent fraudsters from using the Social Security numbers that have already been used by someone else. USCIS will also run scans to check whether Social Security numbers are being used multiple times and in different locations and USCIS will lock such Social Security numbers that are being used multiple times and will launch investigations. The employees will also be permitted to check their own history using the E-verify system and they can also check whether their Social Security numbers are being improperly used. The system will also ensure that the legal workers are not prevented from working in the country due to system errors.

Currently, around 420,000 US employers are using E-verify and the Senate bill will require all the US employers to implement this system sooner and this system will prevent foreign nationals from illegally crossing the border and working illegally in the United States. Though E-verify is quite expensive, the system is accurate and it is effective and it will allow only the legal residents and US citizens to find jobs in the country.

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