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Temporary and Permanent Employment in the United States

As the United States is considered to be a land of immigrants, it welcomes thousands of foreign nationals to work in various employment categories in America, every year.

The different employment categories include investors, research workers, religious workers, artists, experts in information technology, athletes, scientists, nurses, cultivation workers, etc.

The USCIS offers various categories of non-immigrant visas for people who wish to work temporarily in the United States, based on US immigration laws, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

Each and every foreign worker must acquire permission to work lawfully, in America. Though the United States allows foreign nationals to work there, the American government requires certain eligibility requirements for each employment category and for admission into the United States. The authorized periods of stay also varies for each employment category.

The foreign nationals who seek to get employment opportunities in the United States, are required to stick on to the terms of their applications and visas. That is because violations may result in denial of entry into the United States.

Non-immigrant, temporary workers in the United States

A temporary worker is a non-immigrant worker. If you wish to work in the United States as a temporary worker, you must possess a specific visa depending on the purpose of your travel and based on the work that you will do there. This non-immigrant worker is a person who seeks to enter the United States only for a temporary period of time for a particular purpose. They will be allowed to stay in America for a temporary period and will be restricted to the reason for which they entered the United States and for the activity for which the non-immigrant visa was issued to them.

Permanent, immigrant workers in the United States

An immigrant worker is a permanent worker. He will be authorized to stay and work in America on a permanent basis.

The other categories of people who may be allowed to work in the United States, are the students and the exchange visitors. Exchange visitors may be allowed to work in the United States under special circumstances, by obtaining permission from the Responsible Officer for exchange visitors. Students must obtain special permission from the Designed School Official, to work in America.

While the US employers are hiring foreign nationals, they must verify that the selected individual is authorized to obtain employment opportunities in the United States. Permanent residents, asyless, refugees may be allowed to work in the United States as a result of their immigration status. Apart from these categories, all the other individuals seeking to get employment in the United States, must have employment authorization.

Except US citizens and Green Card holders, all the other individuals must obtain an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) to prove your eligibility to work in the United States. Whenever you apply for a visa, make sure that you fill you application accurately and file your petition along with the right filing fees, in order to avoid denial of your application and to obtain employment in the United States.

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