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USA Green Card – Permanent Residence

Thousands of foreign nationals legally immigrate to America, every year and such foreign nationals will have to obtain Green Cards to remain legally in the country. However, getting a Green Card is not an easy process. The US Green Card is also known as a permanent resident card or Form I-551. Green Card holders are not US citizens, but they will be allowed to work and live, anywhere in the country forever. Green Card holders may be removed from the country, only if they violate the US immigration laws and fail to abide by the US laws.

People who are granted lawful status in America, must always hold valid Green Cards and they must carry with them their permanent resident cards while traveling abroad and while traveling within the country.

About US Green Cards

Though the color of the permanent resident card is not green, it is known as Green Card because identity cards that were earlier issued to permanent residents were green in color. However, permanent resident cards that are currently issued by the USCIS are white in color. These cards are plastic cards about the size of credit cards. This card contains personal information about the holder, such as his name, birth date, photograph and address.

How to Get a USA Green Card

USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services ), is the department that deals with issues related to immigration. Similarly, a person who wants to obtain a US Green Card must contact the USCIS and file the required forms. There are few different ways through which foreign nationals may become lawful residents of America. Foreign nationals may be granted US Green Cards, if they are eligible for family or employment based Green Cards. Similarly, foreign nationals may become eligible for US Green Cards by taking part in the Green card lottery program or by investing in US businesses.

To obtain Green Cards based on sponsorship, your immediate relative or a US employer must sponsor you and file a petition, for you. After the petition is approved, you will be issued an immigrant visa with which you can immigrate to America and obtain a US Green Card. If your immediate relative or a US employer is ready to sponsor you while you are in America, on a non-immigrant visa, you will have to apply for adjustment of status, by filing Form I-485. You need to file an application for a non-immigrant visa, at a US Consular office in your country, to immigrate to America, if you are currently outside the country.

USCIS will not grant USA Green Cards to foreign nationals who have criminal records and a permanent resident card granted to a foreign national will be revoked, if the holder commits crimes after becoming a permanent resident of the country.


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