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USCIS Forms – Filing Tips

It is well known that all the USCIS forms can be obtained through the website. Most of the forms may be e-filed and there are certain forms that must be filed directly in person at a USCIS office. Instructions for all the immigration forms are not the same. All the different USCIS forms have different form filing instructions. And almost all the forms are self-explanatory. It is wise to understand the USCIS application process before filing a form.

You need to read the form instructions before you start filling your application. Moreover, you must not fail to attach the required supporting documentation along with your application. You need to remember that the supporting documents that are not in English must accompany the corresponding English translation and the translated copies must be certified by a competent translator. You may electronically file some of the USCIS forms but if you are filing the paper version of the form, you need to print or type using black ink. Moreover, you must write your name in the same format on all the USCIS forms that you are filing.

You need to ensure that you use the current version of the immigration form as the USCIS updates the forms quite often. Leaving important columns blank may result in the denial of your application. Understand the form and make sure that you fill in accurate information. If the immigration officers find that the information that you had provided in untrue, your petition may be rejected. Do not forget to sign the form after completing it.

Most of the USCIS forms must be filed along with the required filing fee. You should go through the form instructions and pay the exact fee that is required. USCIS will accept money orders, certified checks and valid credit cards and remember that cash will not be accepted and you must not send cash along with your application. Similarly, you must not forget to get a receipt for the payment that you had made and you will have to retain copies of all the forms that you had filed.

You will receive an application receipt notice from the USCIS, after the USCIS receives your application. That receipt must be retained as you can use the number on that receipt to check the status of your application online. If you have any queries, you can make an INFOPASS appointment and speak with a USCIS officer. USCIS states that most of the applications are rejected because the applications are filed without the required pages. Due to such reasons USCIS rejects the petitions and the applicants will have to re-file such rejected applications.

It is recommended to make sure that the application is complete and double check the applications before filing. You need to ensure that all the form pages are completed and signed and that the packet contains the required documentation and the form pages, before mailing the packet. Errors and missing information in the USCIS form, may result in a delay or in the denial of your petition.

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