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USCIS Forms that can be E-Filed

USCIS allows its customers to e-file some of the USCIS forms, to make the filing process easier. However, there are few limitations and only the applicants who satisfy the eligibility requirements may electronically file their applications. Hence it is mandatory to know about the e-filing options and about the USCIS forms that you can file online. USCIS forms, Form I-90, Form I-131, Form I-140, Form I-765, Form I-821 and few other immigration forms may be filed online.

Form I-90, Application to Replace Permanent Residence Card

This is one of the most common USCIS forms, as Form I-90 must be filed by Green Card holders, who need to renew their Green Cards. Similarly, this form is not only used to renew a Green Card, but a permanent resident must file Form I-90, to replace a card that was lost or destroyed. This form can be filed online and the supporting documents may be sent by mail to the right USCIS office.

Form I-131, Application for Travel Document

You may file Form I-131, online, if you wish to obtain an advance parole document. Likewise, if your Form I-485 or Form I-821, is pending and if you need to travel abroad, you may e-file Form I-131, to obtain a travel document. Remember that this form is also used for few other purposes and other categories of applicants may not be able to file this form online.

Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker

American employers who seek to hire foreign workers and who wish to sponsor such foreign workers for lawful status in the United States, may file Form I-140, online.

Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization

Foreign nationals who look forward to work in the United States will have to obtain work permits in order to work lawfully in America. To obtain an employment authorization document, you will have to file Form I-765 and you need not file the paper version of the form and you may file this form electronically.

Form I-821, Application for Temporary Protected Status

Citizens of few designated countries are permitted by the US government to reside legally in the United States and are granted temporary protected status. Such foreign nationals may e-file Form I-821, to receive temporary protected status and to remain in America for a certain period of time. Remember that you may file this form online only if you are a TPS beneficiary and if you are re-registering.

Benefits of E-Filing Your Application

You need not go directly to a USCIS office to file your immigration petition if you are eligible to electronically file your application. Similarly, you will obtain a confirmation notice as soon as you file your petition online. You may also pay your application fees online with a credit or a debit card. If your form must accompany supporting documents, you need to mail the supporting documents to the address that is found on the confirmation receipt, that you obtained while submitting your application.

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