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What are the Benefits of US citizenship?

US citizenship that means a lot to millions of immigrants has many advantages and you can apply for citizenship by filing Form N-400. US citizenship grants the citizens various benefits that are not granted to the Green Card holders. People who naturalize and become citizens will become eligible for US passports and will become eligible to vote in the US federal elections. Moreover, they can also sponsor different categories of relatives for lawful status in the country.

Out of the benefits that are available to the US citizens, the benefit that is considered to be more important is the right to vote and participate in the civic life. By making use of this benefit, the citizens can choose the political representatives and the US citizens will also become eligible to work in the government offices. US passports are issued only to the US citizens and with a US passport US citizens can travel abroad freely and few countries allow US citizens with US passports to travel without visas. US passport holders need not apply for visas to travel to countries like Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. Similarly, US citizens will be assisted by the US embassies and consulates abroad while they are in need of help while in a foreign country.

Green Card holders must always hold their Green Cards to prove their status, but US citizens are not required to carry with them a proof of US citizenship, at all times. Moreover, they need not renew any citizenship documents whereas Green Card holders must renew their Green Cards every ten years and that also costs them a lot and they will have to prepare a lot of paperwork to go through the renewal process. Green Card holders may be deported from the United States if they remain outside the country for a long time or if they violate the laws. But US citizens will never be deported from the country and they can remain in the country or outside the country as US citizens. However, they may relinquish their US citizenship if they wish to do so.

US citizens can live in foreign countries and they may not be questioned while they re-enter the country. But the Green Card holders who remain abroad for an extended period of time may not be able to get into the country and in certain circumstances they are likely to lose their lawful status in America. US citizens are capable of sponsoring their family members for lawful status and they can help their family members to get US Green Cards. Though the Green Card holders are also allowed to petition for Green Cards for their family members, they can only sponsor their immediate relatives. Unlike Green Card holders, US citizens can sponsor few other categories of relatives apart from their immediate relatives.

Moreover, by obtaining US citizenship, people become a part of the community and they will become eligible for all the benefits that are available to the native Americans. If you are a Green Card holder and if you still have not thought about US citizenship, this is the right time for you to file Form N-400 for US citizenship.

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