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What You Need to Know About the Marriage Green Card Interview?

Foreign nationals who apply for Green Cards based on marriage will have to appear for marriage Green Card interviews. Unlike other Green Card interviews, the US citizen along with his foreign national spouse must appear for this interview, together. Many people feel that these interviews are stressful. After you file an application for a Green Card or to remove conditions on the Green Card, you will receive a Green Card interview notice and it will contain the list of documents that you need to submit at the time of the interview. You will have to follow all the instructions and appear for the interview.

Prepare for the Marriage Green Card Interview now!

The USCIS officer may not take much of your time, but you need to go to the interview venue at least fifteen to thirty minutes ahead of your scheduled Green Card interview time. You must be well organized and it is recommended to prepare yourself in advance, for the interview. You must be polite and you need to answer only to the question that the officer asks you. If the immigration officer requires more information he will ask you more questions. You will have to wait until the immigration officer asks you a question and you must not be talkative.

Remember that you need to take with you copies of all your original immigration papers and other documents, to the interview. The immigration officer will return your original documents after verification. You will have to take few tests while you appear for the US citizenship interview. But the marriage Green Card interview is different, as the interview questions for all the applicants are not the same. You may not be required to learn and memorize anything. The immigration officer will ask you common questions about you and your spouse and about your marriage. You may be asked when and how you met each other and the names of your spouse’s parents and siblings.

As the immigration officer is going to grant your spouse a Green Card valid for ten years, the immigration officer may ask you many questions, to make sure that the marriage is genuine. Hence you may take with you all the documents and receipts, that are needed to establish that you are really living with your spouse. You may submit photographs of you and your spouse together, along with other family members to establish your genuine relationship. Photos that were taken at the time of your wedding and during holidays, may be submitted. If the immigration officer requires more documents, he will ask you to submit those missing or additional supporting documents. Then the immigration officer will decide on your case after receiving those documents.

If the immigration officer is not satisfied with your answers and the evidence that you had submitted at the time of your marriage Green Card interview, you may be required to appear for a second interview. If the immigration officer finds that your marriage is genuine, he will inform you after the marriage Green Card interview, that your foreign national spouse will be granted a Green Card and permanent resident card valid for ten years will then be mailed to you.

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