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Month: May 2018

Considering Applying for U.S. Citizenship

Though the U.S. Constitution is meant to provide protection to both citizens and non-citizens, the reality is that only U.S. citizenship can give you full protection under the law. Some U.S. permanent residents (green card holders) doubt whether to apply for U.S. citizenship. Maybe it’s because the task seems daunting. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t …

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U.S. Citizenship Process, Step by Step

The U.S. citizenship process is a long one and can be quite complicated. We’ve broken it down into eight easy-to-follow steps including detailed how-to explanations of the requirements, application process, interview and test.’s self-serve software helps you accurately complete your U.S. citizenship application. Our online software gives you access to customized, simplified instructions, tools …

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What Are the Eligibility Requirements for US Citizenship?

How can you become a U.S. citizen? First, you must meet the nine basic eligibility requirements. But before you do! Check to make sure that you are not already a citizen. If either of your parents are or were U.S. citizens, you may qualify for automatic citizenship. If not, you would need to apply for …

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