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7,800 New Citizens Celebrated a Special Fourth of July

Citizens Celebrated a Special Fourth of JulyUSCIS celebrated America’s 237th birthday by welcoming 7,800 new citizens. Between the 1st and the 5th of July, USCIS conducted more than 100 special naturalization ceremonies and granted US citizenship to more than 7,800 immigrants. All those immigrants are now US citizens and they celebrated a special Fourth of July. United States welcomes immigrants and it also attracts talented and ambitious individuals from various parts of the world.

USCIS celebrated this Independence Day by granting US citizenship to 7,800 immigrants from different foreign countries. The agency helped several individuals to fulfill their dream of becoming US citizens. Special naturalization ceremonies were conducted at several places including the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, the Battleship Missouri Memorial at Pearl Harbor, Saratoga National Historical Park in Stillwater, Historic Fort Snelling in St. Paul and aboard the USS Constitution in Boston.

35 members of the US armed forces took the Oath of Allegiance, on 4th July and became citizens of the United States. Eighty-three-year-old Maria Tomasa Orellana, was waiting for several years to obtain US citizenship. She took the oath on 4th July and she is now an American. Around 50 people from 28 different foreign countries took the oath on the Independence Day at Winston and Maria Tomasa Orellana is one of them. The new citizens said that America has given them more than what they expected and that the United States is the best country.

At this time, the country’s undocumented immigrants hope that the country will soon pass a comprehensive immigration reform legislation that would put them on a path to US citizenship. The bill unveiled by the Senators has now passed the Senate and it has to be passed by the House. If this bill is passed and signed into law, undocumented immigrants who have been living in shadows all these days, could come out of their shadows and achieve their America dream.

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