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At the Naturalization Ceremony

NaturalizationOnce the USCIS approves your citizenship application, it is mandatory you attend a ceremony and take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. You will receive notification from the USCIS regarding the time and date of your ceremony. You will receive the “Notice of Naturalization Oath Ceremony” (Form N-445). At times, you can take the oath on the same day as your interview.

Arrive at the Oath ceremony at least 30 minutes before the actual time. There are many other people who will get naturalized with you who are also required to be checked in with USCIS. If you are not able to attend the ceremony as scheduled, all you need to do is return the notice (Form N-445) to your local USCIS office. Along with the form, submit a letter explaining why you are not able to attend the ceremony and request the USCIS to reschedule the ceremony date. As the ceremony is considered to be a serious formality, make sure you dress in proper attire to respect the event.

At the ceremony, you will be required to return your Permanent Resident Card (green card) to the USCIS. Since you will be getting your citizenship certificate at the ceremony, your green card is no longer needed. If there is a gap between your interview and the ceremony, be prepared to face a few questions. You can find the expected questions on the back of the notice (Form N-445) that you will receive from the USCIS. Some general questions will be related to having traveled outside the US during that period. Make sure you read the questions carefully and note down the answers before you get to the Oath ceremony.

It is mandatory that every candidate who has filed the citizenship form to recite the Oath of Allegiance to become an American citizen. The Oath of Allegiance must be recited at the ceremony in front of a USCIS official. Once done with reciting, you will get a Certificate of Naturalization.

If you cannot take the complete Oath of Allegiance as it is, you have to mention it in writing either at the time of filing your application or at your scheduled interview. You should have valid reasons and explain why you need to take a modified Oath of Allegiance. You have to mention in your request, the words in the Oath of Allegiance that you want to be exempted from reciting. You should also give a detailed explanation as to why the words are against your religious belief. You may be requested to give additional evidence to substantiate your request for a modified Oath of Allegiance. USCIS will grant modifications to the Oath of Allegiance on a user-specific basis.

After you take the Oath, finally you will get your Certificate of Naturalization. This is the proof of your citizenship and you can use this as proof that you are an American Citizen. It is highly recommended you go to your nearest Social Security Administration (SSA) office to update your Social Security record soon after you get your naturalization certificate.

Congratulations! Now tthat you are a citizen, you can sponsor a green card for your family members.

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