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Celebrate International Literacy Day on September 8, 2014

International Literacy Day on September 8, 2014

International Literacy Day is observed throughout the world every year on 8th September. “Literacy and Sustainable Development” is this year’s theme for the International Literacy Day.

To many,this day means nothing and they do not know how literacy affects their lives. However, they must think about millions who lack the ability to read and write.

Though the International Literacy Day will be celebrated throughout the world, the main global celebration will take place in Dhaka. There, the Government of Bangladesh, along with UNESCO, will organize the International Conference on “Girls’ and women’s literacy and education: Foundations for sustainable development.”

Many units of the National Park Service will observe the International Literacy Day in the U.S. Some units will offer free entrance tickets to certain visitors. For example, visitors to the Florida Park Service who bring library cards or library books with them, will receive free entrance to state parks in Florida, on this day. Likewise, books donated by people to Lake Griffin State Park will help the Lake County Library System Adult Literacy program.

Literacy is essential for eradicating poverty and for several other reasons. Parents who have good literacy skills are more likely to send their children to schools. It will help people to make the right decisions and help create peaceful and prosperous societies.

ProLiteracy, an international nonprofit organization, helps educate adult learners through its community-based literacy organizations. This organization says that more than 15 percent of Americans who do not hold diplomas do not have jobs. ProLiteracy also says that around 800 million people across the globe lack basic literacy skills and 67 million children do not attend schools. Further, more than 36 million U.S. citizens are not good at reading and writing and are also unable to use technology above the 3rd grade level. Though the U.S. is one of the most industrialized countries, it has a mean literacy score.

It is the right time to recognize the importance of literacy and work together to unleash its power. Several people who live in developing and developed countries still lack basic reading and writing skills and literacy for all is still an unaccomplished goal. We must start working together to make a difference in the lives of such people in our communities!

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