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Celebrate Thanksgiving Day on November 22

Every year, US citizens celebrate Thanksgiving Day, on the fourth Thursday of November. The first Thanksgiving Day was celebrated by the pilgrims, in the year 1621 and on this day people thank God for his blessings. Similarly, people remember the pilgrims and offer food to Indians, on this day. This day is mainly celebrated in Canada and in the United States.

On this day, people offer gifts to their parents, relatives and friends. All the shops and establishments in America will be busy on this day as people celebrate this day by cooking delightful meals. Similarly, immigrants and native Americans, make use of this day to show their gratitude to their friends, elders and siblings and offer them various gifts such as flowers, jewelery, chocolates, etc.

Few traditional dishes cooked on this special day include corns, carved turkeys, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. Many American families get together for special meals and many organize thanksgiving family dinners. Churches offer special thanksgiving services and people make use of this day to thank God for all what they have.

Many government agencies and businesses in America will remain closed on Thanksgiving Day and on Friday. Thanksgiving parades will be held in few American cities and many Americans who will have a long four-day weekend, will make use of this holiday season to travel and to visit their friends and relatives.

There are so many good things for which we can be thankful and the idea of this day is to ‘give thanks’. Hence this day gives us an opportunity to thank God, our parents, friends, spouses, teachers, etc. However, many forget to remember the true meaning of Thanksgiving Day and for many this is just another day for family reunions, parties and dinners. But you must not forget to thank God for all what he has given to the country and to the people and hence, make sure that you thank God on this day and take part in the Thanksgiving Day celebrations.

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