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Celebrities with Dual Citizenship

Pierce BrosnanIt is absolutely legal for Americans to hold citizenship with another country, without losing their US citizenship, if that country accepts dual citizenship. Citizens of many other countries can also obtain citizenship with the United States, which is called dual citizenship. Certain high-profile people with dual citizenship remind us that dual citizenship is lawful in the United States.

Citizenship with one nation is not enough for many celebrities. The one time James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, was born in Ireland. Being a citizen of Ireland, he obtained US citizenship and became a naturalized US citizen in 2004. Through this, he maintains dual citizenship with his native Ireland and the US. Brosnan who is Irish grew up in England and in Ireland. He once said that he had found a new life and a personal identity in the United States. Brosnan who also retains his Irish citizenship said that all what he does portrays his Irishness. Brosnan had said that he obtained US citizenship mainly to vote against the policies, such as the American war in Iraq, that he wanted to oppose.

The Canadian American Comedian and actor, Jim Carrey maintains dual citizenship with Canada and the United States. He was born in Canada and he became a US Citizen in 2004. He obtained his permanent resident status through one of his various marriages to American women. He doesn’t want to give up his Canadian heritage and he also says that the United States had helped his dreams come true. He had got the intention to become a US citizen in 2001, as he wanted the right to vote in the US elections.

The worldwide star, Natalie Portman, was born in Jerusalem, Israel. Her father was Israeli and her mother was an American. This actress has the dual citizenship of Israel and the United States. Her parents immigrated to the US when she was very young and she finally settled in Long Island, New york.

Craig Ferguson is better known in the United States than in Scotland, which is his native. He is a well-known actor, writer, author, director, and producer. He became a US citizen in 2008 and he has also scored full marks in the citizenship test. Other celebrities like singer Ricky Martin, Nicole Kidman, and Salma Hayek also hold dual citizenship.

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