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Check Out the New USCIS Employee Rights Toolkit

A new online resource, Employee Rights Toolkit, has been released by the USCIS and this tool kit has been released to increase the awareness of employees about their rights while verifying their eligibility for employment. This resource will help the employees, employees advocates and the others.

Educational materials such as videos related to E-verify worker rights, booklets, fliers and posters, are included in this tool kit. This resource also contains information about US immigration scams and guidance on how you can avoid such scams and information about Self Check is also provided. This resource is likely to help out people who speak Spanish, as the materials are available in English and Spanish.

You can easily download the print materials related to Self Check. This print material contains frequently asked questions about Self Check and about the benefits of using this service. It will also teach you how to use Self Check.

If you are looking forward to work in America, you may check your eligibility to work in the country through E-verify, an internet-based application. This Employee Rights Tool Kit, contains information about the rights of employees. Similarly, it also has detailed information about what an employer must do and what an employer must not do.

This tool kit contains a Special Counsel Flyer, from the US Department of Justice. You can get to know about your workplace rights and you can also get to know what you need to do if you are fired or not hired by an employer, based on your citizenship status.

You can find the Spanish translation of these print materials in the Employee Rights Tool Kit. Apart from print materials, there are few videos about self check, multilingual engagement, civil rights and unauthorized practice of the US immigration law. You can also find some of these videos in Spanish. You can make use of this free tool kit which has been released by the USCIS, to educate the employees and get to know about your rights.

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