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Congress Urged to Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation

Congress Urged to Pass Comprehensive Immigration ReformMany now hope that the US Congress will soon pass the long awaited immigration reform bill. Immigration reform will not only help the undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status but will also help the US employers who are unable to find legal workers and who hire undocumented immigrants. President Obama, who is happy about the Senate bill, urged the Congress to pass the immigration reform bill of the Gang of 8. Apart from that, around 100 actors and musicians, have sent a letter to President Obama, requesting him to pass an immigration reform bill that would permit the nation’s undocumented immigrants to obtain US citizenship.

Americans do not wish to work in agricultural industries and the agricultural employers in America hunt for low-skilled employees. As they are unable to find legal workers they hire undocumented immigrants. Around 73 percent of the agricultural workers are Mexicans and more than 50 percent of them are undocumented immigrants. Most of these workers are being paid lesser wages and are being exploited. The country can get rid of such problems if it reforms the immigration laws and legalizes undocumented immigrants in the country. However, deporting all the 11 million undocumented immigrants may not be an easy task and the only thing that the country can do is to legalize the undocumented immigrants who have been living in the country all these days and who were brought up here.

Moreover, immigration reform would also boost the economy of the country as these undocumented immigrants who come out of their shadows would work legally and pay their income taxes. Apart from that, the Senate bill would also grant Green Cards to the foreign students who obtain advanced degrees in STEM fields. This would help the country to retain talented individuals and remain competitive. This will lead to economic and job growth as most of the immigrants are found to be entrepreneurs. Agricultural employers also want the US Congress to pass the immigration bill that includes provisions for agricultural workers and that would permit millions of undocumented immigrants to stay back in America. The Senate bill would allow the agricultural workers to soon adjust their status and to become legal residents. This will help agricultural industries and the other US employers as the bill would also create new visa programs and expand existing programs like the H-1B visa program.

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