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DACA Benefits 50,000 Undocumented Immigrants

New statistics released by the USCIS states that more than 50,000 undocumented immigrants have received deferred action benefits, so far. USCIS has received around 300,000 deferred action requests, as of 15th November, 2012 and has approved 53,273 applications and the other applications will be adjudicated after the completion of background security checks. A stakeholder conference will be held on November 19 and during the conference, USCIS Director, Alejandro Mayorkas, will provide updates on the deferred action process.

People who are granted deferred action may now remain lawfully in the United States for two years and work for US employers, legally. Similarly, the deferred action beneficiaries will not be deported from the country and they may also renew DACA, at the end of the two year period.

More than 100,000 undocumented immigrants are likely to receive deferred action by the end of this year. Hence more number of undocumented immigrants will be able to remain in the United States without the fear of deportation. More than 1.7 million undocumented immigrants are eligible for deferred action and around 298,834 undocumented immigrants have applied for DACA.

If you are an undocumented immigrant, you may now file your deferred action application, if you are not more than 31 years of age. See to that you satisfy the key criteria and collect all the documents that are needed to prove that you are eligible for deferred action. Remember that you must be in school or must have attended school or must have served in the US armed forces to file an application.

Deferred action will not change your immigration status in the United States but you need not live in shadows, if you receive deferred action. This will only postpone your deportation for two years without allowing you to become a US citizen. Though you will be granted deferred action only for a two year period, you may later apply for renewal. While you renew deferred action, you may also renew the work permit that you received while receiving deferred action.

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