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Deferred Action Application Deadline

Many undocumented immigrants who are eligible for deferred action are much worried about the deadline for deferred action. They need not worry about it as there is no deadline to apply for deferred action. USCIS started to accept DACA applications in August and it has also granted deferred action status to many eligible undocumented youth. Undocumented youth who are in removal proceedings may file their applications at any time. But they must submit few supporting documents, along with their DACA applications, to prove that they are eligible.

Many undocumented youth in America have all the required supporting documents with them and it not difficult for them to file Form I-821D for deferred action. However, there are some undocumented immigrants in America who do not have the required supporting documents and due to that reason they are unable to file their DACA applications. As they were smuggled into the country, they do not have the required documents and they need to get the documents from their home countries. Moreover, they cannot travel to their home countries as they will become ineligible for deferred action status if they leave the country before filing their applications. They can only contact their family members or friends, in their home countries and request them to send the required documents. But that process is not easy and it is time consuming.

Such individuals are unable to file their applications sooner and are worried about the deadline. They need to remember that there is no deadline to file Form I-821D and as President Obama has been re-elected, he will not put an end to this deferred action program. However, they need to file their applications as soon as possible as they can start living in the country without the fear of deportation, if they are granted deferred action status. DACA recipients can also work lawfully and obtain driver’s licenses and lead a normal life, though deferred action is not a permanent relief. Some American states offer scholarships to the undocumented youth who receive deferred action and the deferred action recipients who live in such states will become eligible for student scholarships and this will help them to pursue education.

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