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Deferred Action Immigration Program for Youth Grants Opportunities

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, was implemented by President Obama and this process will defer the removal of young undocumented immigrants for a certain period. Young undocumented immigrants who got into the country as minors, without their knowledge, will be granted a temporary relief and they will be allowed to stay back in the United States for two years. USCIS has received lots of applications from such undocumented immigrants and it has also approved few requests. This progressive step has motivated the undocumented immigrants who had been living in shadows.

Similarly, this process will also help them to work lawfully in the country as the deferred action recipients will receive renewable employment authorization documents (work permits). However, they need to satisfy few requirements to qualify and they need to prove their eligibility by submitting the required supporting documentation. If you are in the United States, illegally, you may submit a request for deferred action and you will have to prove that you are in school or a high school graduate. Similarly you will have to satisfy the requirements related to your age and you must not be above and below 31 and 16 years of age, respectively. Moreover, if you are connected to criminal organizations and if you do not have a good moral character, you may not be granted deferred action.

Once you are granted deferred action, you will be granted the right to work legally in America, as you will be issued an employment authorization document. The ability to work legally in the United States is considered to be the most important benefit as many undocumented youth are being forced to work illegally for less wages, as they are in the country illegally. But by receiving deferred action, they may not be questioned about their status and they will not be deported from America. Undocumented youth in the United States had been facing a lot of difficulties and had always been living with a fear of deportation.

Though this program implemented by the President is beneficial to millions of undocumented immigrants in America, there are many people who are against this program. This program may not grant lawful status to the recipients of deferred action but this process is renewable. Protesters, say that this process is encouraging illegal immigration and this is likely to bring more undocumented to the United States. But for the undocumented immigrants, this is a chance to improve their lives and a chance to work lawfully, in America. This process will also protect the undocumented children who already believe that the United States is their home country.

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