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Deferred Action Work Permit

Deferred Action Work PermitDeferred action program which is a great program for the undocumented youth in the United States grants them permission to work legally in the United States apart from deferring their deportations. This program, implemented by President Obama in 2012, is found to be beneficial as the undocumented immigrants who qualify for deferred action status will receive work permits while they receive deferred action status. However, they need to file Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization and a Form I-765WS, Worksheet, while filing Form I-821D, Consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, for deferred action.

Remember that, deferred action gives the eligible undocumented immigrants work permits valid only for two years. However, they can renew those permits while renewing deferred action. Generally, people who apply for employment authorization documents can file Form I-765 online but the deferred action applicants cannot file this form online. Nevertheless, they can complete the applications for deferred action and work permits online. Moreover, this program is not free and the undocumented youth who apply for deferred action status will have to pay $465, along with their petitions and the fee covers the processing fee for employment authorization documents and the biometrics fee.

Nevertheless, to apply for deferred action status and for employment authorization documents, eligible undocumented youth will have to demonstrate through verifiable documentation that they meet all the eligibility requirements for deferred action. People who are currently living outside the United States and individuals who are unable to prove that they have been living in the country for the past five years illegally, cannot file applications for deferred action.

Undocumented youth who receive deferred action status and employment authorization documents can work for US employers legally. Several undocumented immigrants who lead their lives in shadows currently work illegally for a very less pay. Such undocumented immigrants can now put an end to such stressful lives as they may not deported or questioned about their status and they can work lawfully, after they receive deferred action status. Many undocumented immigrants who qualify for deferred action status are filing their applications and many are yet to apply. People who have not yet applied, may soon file their petitions and receive deferred action status with which they can live and work in the country lawfully.

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