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DOMA Ruling Makes US Businesses Competitive

DOMA Ruling Makes US Businesses CompetitiveThe Defense of Marriage Act was recently ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court. All the benefits that were granted to heterosexual couples will now be granted to the legally married same sex couples. This ruling of the Supreme Court is not only good for the LGBT couples but also for economic competitiveness.

Immigrant workers in America had to leave their same sex partners in their home countries as they were not permitted to petition for their partners and bring them to the United States. US employers were at the risk of losing such foreign workers. But now, US employers can attract and retain foreign workers who are in same sex marriages as such workers can now get their partners visas and bring them to America. US citizens and Green Card holders can sponsor their partners for US Green Cards and for other US visas.

US companies have lost many foreign workers as those workers were not permitted to bring their life partners to the country with them. Such workers were worried about their families and so they chose to lose their jobs.

US employers are in favor of same sex marriages and they do not want their employees to be separated from their partners. They want skilled workers who can live in America with their families and work here. They also believe that granting equal rights to LGBT couples will help them grow their businesses. Now the US employers are happy as they will not lose their skilled workers in same sex marriages. That is because same sex couples will now be treated equally.

Many skilled foreign workers left their jobs because they had to leave their partners in their home countries and were unable to bring them to America. Such workers chose countries that were not against gay marriages. These couples can now work and live with their partners in America as the country recognizes marriages between same sex couples.

This ruling has a positive impact on the same sex bi-national couples. Companies in American states that have legalized same sex marriages can now attract and retain their workers. This ruling is good for America’s economy, the US business and the same sex couples in the country.

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