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EB-5 Program Helps Foreign Investors to Get Green Cards

USCIS recently approved a new EB-5 regional center, the Robstown Improvement Development Corporation EB-5 Regional Center. This is the first EB-5 regional center in Nueces County, to receive approval from the USCIS.

The US Congress, in 1990, created this EB-5 program that is also known as the Immigrants Investor Program. This program aims at stimulating the economy of the United States, through job creation and capital investment. This is an attractive program that helps foreign investors to get Green Cards and immigrate to the United States. This program helps US businesses to get ready source of capital and the foreign investors to get US Green Cards.

To become eligible for a Green Card through this program, an immigrant investor must create a new commercial enterprise in the United States or invest in a business venture, in the country. If the investment made by a foreign investor creates at least 10 new jobs in the United States, that investor will become eligible for an EB-5 Green Card.

The Robstown Improvement Development Corporation EB-5 Regional Center has several projects. This includes an inland port and an outlet mall. Phase I of this EB-5 project is likely to create around 600 new jobs.

Foreign nationals who seek to immigrate to the United States and who are willing to invest in businesses in America can make use of this EB-5 program. By investing between $500,000 and $1 million in certain business ventures, foreign investors can get a chance to get Green Cards for themselves and their eligible dependents.

10,000 immigrant visas are made available every year to foreign investors who seek to obtain Green Cards, on the basis of their investment in the United States. To take part in this program, a foreign national must establish that he is capable of investing in the United States and that his investment will benefit the country’s economy. Similarly, that investment must create employment for at least ten US citizens.

Investment must be made in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA), that has experienced a high unemployment rate. To take part in this program, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements. Eligible investors will initially be granted two year conditional Green Cards. At the end of the two year period, these investors can file applications to remove conditions on their cards and get permanent Green Cards valid for ten years.

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