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Economic Benefits of Granting Deferred Action

Deferred action process implemented by the President Obama, is likely to benefit around 1.4 million young people who entered the United States as minors. For most of these undocumented immigrants, United States is their home and they do not know about their home countries. Reports state that most of the undocumented immigrants in school and colleges are class toppers. Just because they are undocumented immigrants they are unable to continue their education and are unable work legally in the country. Deferred action process will give them a chance to work legally in the country, which will allow them to contribute to the US economy.

This deferred action process will improve their standard of living by granting them federal work permits which will allow the recipients of deferred action to work lawfully in the United States. The recipients of deferred action will be allowed to get access to educational opportunities and better job opportunities. Immigrants with college degrees will get jobs that pay them well, through which the US tax revenues will increase. Moreover the jobs that the immigrants take will not affect the native American workers and the deferred action initiative will stimulate economic growth.

By allowing the undocumented immigrants to remain in the United States for a certain period of time and by allowing them to work legally in the country, they will earn higher wages which will allow them to spend and invest in the United States. Just like the other people in America, undocumented immigrants will spend their wages which will in turn boost up the economy of the country and will provide more job opportunities for more workers.

Recent studies have found that more number of immigrants own businesses than the Americans. Similarly, immigrants are involved in technological inventions and immigrants file patents in more numbers. The involvement of immigrants in new businesses and research benefits American workers by creating more jobs.

This process will allow the undocumented immigrants in school to continue their education and will reduce the drop-out rate. Many undocumented immigrants go to schools and colleges but most of them are forced to work illicitly. This deferred action policy will help such immigrants to remain in schools and will allow them to work in the country, lawfully. Though the deferred action process in only a temporary relief, this would financially help the universities as the undocumented immigrants will now attend colleges and pay the required tuition fee and increase school revenues.

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