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Economists Urge US Congress To Pass Immigration Reform

Conservative Economists urged the US Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform. Conservative economists in a letter stated that immigration reform would have a positive impact on population growth and on job growth and that it would result in economic growth. According to the economists, this would positively impact the federal budget and 111 economists signed the letter that was released by the American Action Forum .

Economists stated that immigration reform would lead to economic growth by 0.1 percent, over the coming decade. This would in turn reduce the federal deficit by $300 billion. The Senate immigration reform bill has attracted some Republicans but there are a few who are still against the bill. This bill has been passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee and some who belong to the Republican party, back the Senate bill that would legalize the residents who are currently living in the country illegally. Few Republicans focus on border security and enforcement. They do not want to grant the undocumented immigrants, US citizenship as they believe that immigration reform would encourage unauthorized immigration.

A report was recently released by the Heritage Foundation and that report states that immigration reform would cost the country a lot. Nevertheless, many are against the report and they say that immigration reform would boost the economy of the country as the immigrants who are now working illegally would start working legally if they are legalized and that they would also pay their taxes. Nevertheless, the letter released by the American Action Forum (AAF), states that comprehensive immigration reform would benefit America’s economy. According to the forum, immigration reform would bring down the federal deficit. The legalization process would also generate billions of dollars in revenue for Social Security, over the next ten years. Immigration overhaul would stimulate labor force growth and raise the gross domestic product (GDP). Hence, it is mandatory to modernize the country’s broken immigration system.

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