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Entrepreneur Pathways – Online Resource for Entrepreneurs

An online resource center, Entrepreneur Pathways, was unveiled by the USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas. This resource will greatly help the entrepreneurs who look forward to start businesses in the United States and it contains information about the immigration process. An event was hosted by the Martin Trust Center in Massachusetts and during that event, the USCIS Director unveiled this new online resource. This website will allow the entrepreneurs to easily understand the immigration options.

This is a part of the “Entrepreneurs in Residence” program. Under this program, USCIS recruited few entrepreneurs and those entrepreneurs worked with the USCIS and reviewed the system and requested the USCIS to make few changes to that system so that the entrepreneurs could easily understand the US immigration process. Entrepreneurs in Residence program, which has made an impact on the USCIS was started earlier this year. It focused on evaluating the current immigration policies and on the non-immigrant visas, that are meant for entrepreneurs. Based on the findings and the innovations of the EIR team, USCIS will now be able to adjudicate the petitions filed by entrepreneurs, effectively.

USCIS EIR team will continue to focus on the non-immigrant visa types that will help the foreign entrepreneurs to start businesses in America and become permanent residents of the country. The EIR team has succeeded in its foremost effort and has enabled the USCIS to serve the foreign entrepreneurs who contribute a lot to the innovation and competitiveness of the country, more effectively. USCIS has planned to host 4 engagements, in order to receive feedback on its services and to know about the startup community.

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