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Frequently Asked Questions About Naturalization

Frequently Asked Questions About NaturalizationWho can become a naturalized US citizen?

If you were not born in the United States and if your parents are not US citizens from whom you cannot acquire US citizenship, you will have to go through a legal process in order to become a US citizen and that process is known as naturalization. And to apply for US citizenship, you will have to file Form N-400, Application for Naturalization.

What are the requirements for naturalization?

You need to be a Green Card holder and you must not be a minor. You must have been living in America for the past five years and if you had remained abroad for more than 6 months during that five year period, you may not become eligible to apply for US citizenship. If you are the spouse of a US citizen, you need not wait for five years and you can apply for naturalization, if you meet the requirements for naturalization and if you have been living in America as a permanent resident for a three year period.

Moreover, you need to demonstrate that you are an individual with good moral character and you must not give false testimony to become a US citizen and you will have to provide detailed information about the crimes that you have committed if any.

How long will it take to become naturalized US citizen?

You are likely to obtain your naturalization certificate within 6 months from the date of your application. But the time that the USCIS takes to adjudicate naturalization applications varies and it depends on the location. In certain circumstances, people wait for more than a year after filing their naturalization applications, to become US citizens. However, USCIS is modernizing the naturalization process and it will soon decrease the time that it takes to process the applications.

What you need to know about the Civics and the English reading, writing and speaking tests?

Naturalization process consists of various steps and one of the important steps in the naturalization process, is the US citizenship test and this test comprises of two components, the English component, and the civics component.

English Component

To get through the English test, you need to read one sentence out of the three sentences given to you by the USCIS officer and you will have to write one sentence correctly out of the three sentences, given to you by the interviewing official. Your ability to speak will be determined by the USCIS officer by the way you respond to the questions asked during the naturalization interview.

Civics Component

The civics test is all about the history, governmen, and laws of the United States. To get through this test, you will have to know about the country and you need to answer 6 questions correctly and you will be asked 10 questions.

What is the most important thing that I must remember during the naturalization process?

You must always tell the truth and you must not provide incorrect information and concealing important information will lead to the denial of your naturalization application. You must not miss your biometrics appointment and your naturalization interview and you must be willing to take the oath of Allegiance and you should prove that you will be a law-abiding citizen.

What if the USCIS denies my naturalization application?

If the USCIS wrongly denies your naturalization application, you can request a hearing and to do so, you will have to file Form N-336, Request for Hearing on a Decision in Naturalization Proceedings and you should file this form within 30 days from the date of receiving a denial letter. If the USCIS still denies your petition, you can reapply for naturalization by filing Form N-400 and you need to go through the process once again.

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