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FY 2014 H-1B Visa Filing Season Begins April 1, 2013

USCIS will start accepting H-1B petitions on Monday, 1st April, 2013 and the US employers and companies use the H-1B visa program to hire scientists, computer programmers, engineers and other high skilled foreign workers specialized in certain specific fields. H-1B petitions must accompany the correct form filing fee and only the petitions that are completely filled will be accepted by the USCIS. 20,000 petitions filed for foreign nationals with master’s degrees will be exempt from the fiscal year cap apart from that 65,000 H-1B petitions will be accepted by the USCIS and the cap for FY 2014 will be 65,000.

Most of the H-1B petitions are likely to be filed between 1st April and 5th April and the USCIS will notify the public, the date on which the cap exhausts and that date will be the final receipt date and petitions may not be accepted after that date. If the USCIS receives more petitions than the expected number of petitions, it will randomly select the required number of petitions by making use of a lottery system and the agency will reject the applications that are not selected and this method was last used by the USCIS in April 2008.

Now, the applicants may also request premium processing and the USCIS has adjusted its premium processing practice and it will begin premium processing on 15th April, 2013. People who are planning to file H-1B petitions must meet the requirements and follow the regulations, to avoid delay in processing the forms and the petitioners may use the detailed information and the checklist developed by the USCIS and that would help the petitioners to successfully compete and file their H-1B petitions. For more information on this H-1B visa program, people may visit the USCIS website and contact the National Visa Center, for information on the Form I-129 processing times.

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