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Green Card Lottery 2014 – File an Application to Win a Green Card

Getting an immigrant visa to immigrate to the United States is the dream of many foreign nationals. But unfortunately, many people are unable to achieve this goal because they do not have anyone in America to sponsor a green card for them. But this lottery program conducted by the US Congress, every year is a boon to such individuals. DV-2014, will allow you to get an immigrant visa and a Green Card, with which you can work and live legally in the United States.

You need to win the lottery to get an immigrant visa. If you wish to immigrate to the United States, you just need to file an online application and take part in Green Card lottery 2014. If you had completed high school or if you have the required work experience, you may submit your application to enter the lottery program. You need to be a national of an eligible country to enter DV-2014.

If you meet the Green Card lottery requirements, you can file your entry now. This process is rather easy as the applicants will be allowed to complete the form in 60 minutes; do note that they cannot save the form and complete it and file it later on. Natives of few countries are considered ineligible because many people from those countries had already immigrated to the United States over the past five years. Remember that you may file your entry between October 2, 2012 and November 3, 2012. Make sure that you do not wait until the last minute to file your entry because high demands in the last week may result in delays.

The online application to participate in Green Card lottery 2014, requires your name and other personal information. You also need to list the names of your eligible dependents as they can also get immigrant visas in the derivative status, if you win the lottery. Furthermore, you will have to submit digital photographs of all the eligible dependents listed in your application and yourself, along with your online entry.

If you win the lottery and if you get through the interview, you will receive an immigrant visa. You may enter the country with that visa and get a Green Card in the United States and become a lawful permanent. Hence, if you believe that you are eligible to immigrate to the United States and that you are eligible to take part in Green Card lottery 2014, file an online application as soon as possible and win a Green Card.

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