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Helping Undocumented Immigrants Use Obama’s Executive Action

Obama’s Executive Action on ImmigrationIf you are an undocumented immigrant and if you believe that you will qualify for temporary lawful status under President Obama’s immigration reform plan, you need to be aware of notarios who will make false promises and take your money promising to help you with your application.

David Quintero is one such undocumented immigrant who was defrauded by Notarios who promised to help him apply for legal status. They only took money from him but did nothing. Quintero, who came to the U.S. from Mexico 27 years ago, has been trying to apply for legal status since then. He was duped by unscrupulous attorneys who falsely promised to get him a green card and a social security card. He has spent around $2000 on such fraudsters. Watching the President’s announcement on November 20, Quintero felt great because he can now apply for temporary lawful status; five of his children were born in the U.S. and are U.S. citizens. There are many immigrants like Quintero who are waiting to apply for legal status under the President’s plan.

To prevent yourself from becoming victimized like Quintero, you must be equally aware of the reform plan and of scammers and Notarios. You can find all what you need to know about the President’s executive actions on immigration reform in a free guide we offer. “Undocumented Immigrants’ Guide To Obama’s Immigration Executive Action” is a free guide that contains useful information on Obama’s ground-breaking reform plan. Information on supporting documents that must be submitted and required translations also can be found in the guide.

Under the President’s plan, you will be granted a three year reprieve from deportation, if you are an undocumented adult or youth. To qualify, you need to meet the requirements and must have clean criminal records. You need to remember that the President’s plans have not yet been implemented and applications will not be available before spring 2015. So you need not pay anyone who promises to help you with your application now. To avoid fraud and abuse, stay informed about the application filing process and about the President’s plan.

Thing that you need to know include what status the President’s plan will create, how his actions will protect you from deportation, what supporting documents need to be filed and the filing fee. Though the USCIS will make an announcement regarding the filing fee after it publishes the applications, it is wise to start saving some money as the fee to apply may be between $500 and $1500 per person. You need to wait for approximately 180 days from the date on which the President announced his plan, until the USCIS announces that it has started to accept applications for temporary legal status under the new rule. Meanwhile, you can collect the required supporting documents that you find on our free guide and start saving money for the fee.

The Mexican Consulate in Sacramento has also warned the undocumented immigrants about dishonest attorneys known as Notarios. These fraudsters make false promises and grab a lot of money from the immigrants who are unaware of the application filing process and of the President’s immigration plan. Beware of scams and check out our guide for detailed information on the President’s plan.

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