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Hispanic Immigrants are Job Creators

There has always been a notion that the Hispanics and immigrants take the jobs of native Americans. A report by Alexandra Starr from the New America Foundation, has been released and that report clears the assumptions of the people. That report states that most Hispanics are entrepreneurs who keep contributing to the economy of America. Through their businesses they are reviving small towns in the country.

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Some Latino immigrants find jobs for themselves and most of them create jobs for themselves and others. They do so by starting their own businesses and they also open new restaurants. The report also states that immigrants run most of the small businesses in New York.

Immigrants who start their own business are found to have the ability to work in the United States and in their home countries. They deal with the communities within the United States and also export to their home countries. Hispanics take the lead and they are found to own and start new businesses in more numbers than other immigrants. The businesses owned by Latinos are small and most of their enterprises have 20 employees or less.

This report also points out the obstacles faced by the Hispanics. Most of them who seek to start their own businesses, struggle because they are unable to get access to credit and often defrauded by some loan organizations. That difficulty is because of their immigration status in the country. The visa processing system also prevents some of the immigrants from achieving their goals.

Immigrants are not only employees but are also employers and they have the skills for both. 12 percent of the small business were run by immigrants, before 20 years, but now immigrant entrepreneurs own around 18 percent of the small enterprises in America. In order to boost up the country’s economy, innovative Hispanic entrepreneurs must be encouraged, which will not only benefit the immigrants but will also benefit the nation. Though the immigrants are not super entrepreneurs, they create jobs and contribute to the US economy.

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