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Holiday Travel Tips

US citizens can make their travel experience even better if they are prepared and if they are aware of the security procedures. United States Transportation Security Administration, works with the airports and ensures that the passengers are safe and secure, while they travel. However, travelers must know about the security procedures and make note of the travel tips. If you have plans to travel to foreign countries, this holiday season, you may sign up for STEP, Smart Traveler Enrollment Program. This is an online service that is offered free of cost and this will allow you to get help when you are in need of help and when you are in an emergency, while traveling. STEP will allow you to receive updates about the foreign countries, you wish to visit.

You need to remember that you must hold a US passport book or a US passport card to travel to foreign countries. Though you may not be required to hold a US passport book to travel by land or sea, to the Caribbean or Mexico, you need to hold a US passport card, to travel to these places. If you still do not own a US passport and if you look forward to travel outside America, file an application for a US passport now. Similarly, all your family members, including your children must hold US passports, to travel abroad. All the US citizens who wish to travel abroad will have to hold US passports. If you file a passport application now, you will be able to receive your passport within six weeks and you may receive your passport within three weeks, if you apply for expedited service.

If you already hold a US passport, see to that you complete the emergency information. Similarly, if you apply for a new passport, fill out the emergency information page, as soon as you receive your passport. It is always wise to leave copies of your travel plans and other documents with your friend or a relative. This will be helpful, if you miss your documents during your travel. However, the US Department of State will assist you, if you are in an emergency, if you have enrolled in STEP. Before you leave your home, learn about the foreign country, you plan to visit and this will make your holiday travel stress-free and safe.

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