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House Dems Hope to Revive Immigration Reform

House Dems Hope to Revive Immigration Reform

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has announced that she would soon introduce a comprehensive immigration reform legislation into the House. Her legislation would combine both the Senate immigration reform bill and the border security bill that was introduced by GOP Rep. Michael McCaul and Dem Rep. Bennie Thompson. This border security bill was passed by the House Homeland Security Community with bipartisan support.

Immigration reform has now been placed in the back burner and many believe that a reform bill will not be passed by the end of this year. The immigration bill that was passed by the Senate includes provisions for high-skilled foreign workers and would expand the H-1B visa program. The centerpiece of this bill is the provision of the bill that would legalize the country’s undocumented immigrants and put them on a path to US citizenship. Though some believe that this bill is already dead, there is still hope for comprehensive immigration reform.

Immigration activists and business leaders are still urging the politicians to pass immigration reform. Apart from urging the Republicans, activists are also urging President Obama. They want the President to act on his own and legalize the undocumented immigrants by signing an executive order.

Pelosi’s bill might go into action on the National Day of Action, October 5. This move is likely to put more pressure on the House Republicans. On the same day, immigration advocates have planned to conduct rallies to urge the Republicans to back an immigration bill with a path to US citizenship. There is hope that immigration reform will pass, even if the proposal that she introduces fail.

The chair of the House Judiciary Committee, Bob Goodlatte, recently stated that he will bring immigration reform bills to the floor for a vote, this fall. Rep. John Boehner stated that immigration reform is an important issue and that it is on the agenda. The House Democratic Caucus is set to meet next week and their agenda includes immigration reform.

The House does not want a comprehensive immigration reform bill and it is refusing to support the Senate bill. Pelosi’s plan is likely to advance comprehensive immigration reform in the House. Issues like Syria hindered the progress that was made by the immigration activists throughout August. But there is still hope that the reform will pass though many believe that immigration reform will not pass by the end of 2013 and that is will be delayed until 2014.

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