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House Rejects Bill that Would Eliminate the Green Card Lottery Program

A bill that would eliminate the Green Card lottery program has been rejected by the US House of Representatives. According to this Republican bill, permanent resident visas will be granted to foreign students who graduate in STEM fields, from US universities. But that bill failed to pass the House. The H.R. 6429 bill, would have granted around 55,000 immigrant visas to STEM graduates. This bill was introduced by the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith, Republican of Texas. According to the supporters of H.R.6429, this bill would have boosted up the economy of the United States.

Chairman Lamar Smith and his Republican supporters say that the bill was blocked by the Democrats. This bill which would grant Green Cards to STEM graduates will abolish the Green Card lottery program that grants diversity immigrant visas, every year, through a random lottery drawing. This diversity visa lottery program grants immigrant visas to 50,000 individuals from various eligible countries. Interested foreign nationals from eligible countries may take part in the lottery program by filing an online application and the winners will be selected by a random lottery draw.

However, the United States requires skilled workers to boost up its economy as many US industries lack skilled workers. Hence, the Republicans and the Democrats agree that the country must retain the foreign nationals who graduate from US universities in STEM fields. But the Democrats do not want to obviate the DV lottery program. And the Democrats consider that the elimination of the DV lottery program will reduce the immigration rates.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren of California introduced a similar bill that would grant 50,000 permanent resident cards to STEM graduates without eliminating the Green Card lottery program. Republicans have a view that the Green Card lottery program also allows terrorists to enter into the country. However, people who are supporting the bill such as college chancellors and presidents have signed a letter stating that the US economy will be weakened if the government does not grant visas to skilled graduates.

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