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How Do I Contact the USCIS?

If you wish to obtain immigration benefits, you will have to file the particular USCIS form that suits your need, with the USCIS. You may not be required to go directly to a USCIS office to obtain an immigration form and all the forms are available online and you can download the form that you want from the website. You may be required to contact the USCIS only if you have doubts or queries about the petition that you have filed. There are three different ways through which you can contact the USCIS and you may contact the USCIS by email, phone or directly in person.

Nevertheless, contacting government offices is not as simple as we think, as these days government offices like the USCIS, require the customers to contact the office by phone or by email. They feel that this method helps them to answer the questions efficiently. For information on immigration benefits, you can contact the National Customer Service Center by dialing 1-800-375-5283. You may call this toll free number at any time and obtain information about the immigration benefits and services. You can get automated information at any time and you need to call this number during business hours if you wish to talk directly to a customer service representative. Hence, you must first contact the USCIS by phone and receive automated information and if your issue is still not resolved, you can send an email to the USCIS and remember that you must send the email to the USCIS office where you filed your petition.

If you still have issues with your petition and if you wish to meet and speak directly to an immigration officer, you will have to make an INFOPASS appointment. To make an appointment you will have to visit the USCIS website and click on “Schedule a FREE Appointment” and then, you will be directed to another page, where you will have to enter your application receipt number and make an appointment to meet an immigration officer. After you make an appointment, you will receive an appointment notice and the date on which you must visit a USCIS office to meet an immigration officer will be printed on that notice. Remember that, you will have to contact the USCIS to inquire about the applications that you have submitted only if you have already waited for 30 days, after filing your immigration petition.

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