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How to Extend my Visitor Visa?

Foreign nationals who plan to travel temporarily to the United States, may obtain non-immigrant visas, valid for a certain period of time. Such temporary visas will allow the foreign nationals to stay in the United States only for few days and before the visa could expire the foreign national must return to his home country. However, foreign nationals who hold temporary visas may extend their visas and remain in the United States for some more days.

If you look forward to visit the United States for a short period of time, you may obtain a B-2 visitor visa. You may travel to the United States for tourism, pleasure or for medical treatment, with this visa. This visa will also allow you to visit your friends, in the United States.

Non-immigrants who travel to the United States, must complete Form I-94 and this form will be stamped by an immigration officer at a US port of entry. This form will contain information about you, the date on which you entered the United States and the date on which you must leave the country.

After entering the United States on a B-2 visitor visa, if you wish to extend your stay, you will have to file Form I-539, Application to Extend/Change Non-immigrant Status, with the USCIS. You may not be allowed to extend your stay after your visa expires and you need to file this form before your authorized period of stay expires. You need to provide personal information about you, such as your birth date, address, etc. However, you will be allowed to extend your stay, only if you are capable of financially supporting yourself.

Apart from that, you must also explain the reason for extending your stay and you need to prove that you will leave the country when your authorized period of stay expires. USCIS may deny your application if your reasons are not clear. Hence you need to provide all the required supporting documents and prove that you can support yourself while in the United States on a temporary visa and that you will not violate the immigration laws by overstaying your visa

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