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How to Pass the US Citizenship Test

If you want to become a US citizen, you will need to fill out the appropriate USCIS forms, prove your eligibility and then attend a US citizenship interview and test. Many candidates for US citizenship are very nervous about their citizenship test. However, there is no reason to be nervous. If you prepare, you can pass this test. The test is not designed to trick you. Rather, it is designed to ensure that you have enough English language knowledge and enough US civics knowledge to function well as a US citizen. There are several things you can do to prepare for the test. While these things cannot guarantee that you will pass the test, they can increase your chances substantially:

1. Know what to expect from the US Citizenship test. For the test, you have to speak, understand, read and write some English and you will need to demonstrate an understanding of US history and civics. It is helpful to look at test examples (available in many good quality books and study materials about the US citizenship test). It may also be useful to speak with others who have taken the citizenship test. The more you understand what you can expect, the more confident you will be and the better able you will be to prepare for the test.

2. Practice your English language skills. If English is a language you have just recently been learning, practice your spoken, written, and reading English as much as possible. Listen to talk radio, sign up for English-language conversation classes (free at many libraries and community centers) and read the newspaper.

3. Study your US history, culture, geography, and civics. You can find textbooks and videos about US history, culture, and government. The best option is to read history and civics textbooks created for children. This will help you practice your English while also learning about the US. As well, the pictures and clear words in children’s texts will help you remember what you learn much more effectively than more complex text. Also, consider watching documentaries and television shows about US civics. Many local public broadcasters air educational programs. Check your listings.

4. Use good quality study materials for your US citizenship test. There are many materials to choose from and you can even hire a citizenship teacher for one-on-one study (although this can be quite expensive. A quality multimedia product such as the Pass The U.S. Citizenship Test & Interview DVD from is ideal. Since the study materials are in DVD format, they are often easier to understand than a textbook, and you can review any areas where you need more practice again and again.

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