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Immigrants Help Boost U.S. Economy and Create Jobs

Immigrants Help Boost U.S. Economy and Create Jobs

Fixing the broken immigration system of the U.S. would help end the country’s job crisis. Studies show that immigrants do not take away the jobs of Americans but that they create jobs and help boost the country’s economy.

Immigrants are innovative and they start businesses in America. They are more entrepreneurial than the native U.S. citizens. The Kauffman Foundation claims that more than 50 percent of start-up companies in the U.S. are owned by immigrants.

Fiscal Policy Institute’s study shows that immigrant business owners have hired more than five million Americans in 2010. Apart from creating jobs, they have also generated revenue of more than $776 billion.

According to the Partnership for a New American, immigrant entrepreneurs have founded more than 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies. Immigrants receive patents in large numbers. In the year 2011, immigrants received more than 75 percent of patents given by the top 10 research universities in America.

Founder of the Cambridge Innovation Center, Tim Rowe, stated that the immigration system of the country that was built in order to protect American jobs is now threatening the creation of new jobs. It is preventing talented entrepreneurs from abroad from coming to the country and starting up businesses in America.

The immigration system that is preventing workers from abroad from coming to America is also forcing the U.S. companies to outsource jobs. As the number of H-1B visas that the country makes available every year is insufficient, U.S. employers look at outsourcing destinations like India, China or Argentina.

The Republican Party now aims at creating American jobs and boosting the country’s economy. However, the party failed to act on immigration reform in 2013. The party, by not passing immigration reform, will not only hurt the immigrants but also America’s economy. However, there is still hope for immigration reform in 2014.

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